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Graph paper printer is a software application which prints blank graph papers from the computer. It is compatible with windows operating system. Graph paper printer is very easy to use and has a very simple design. Users need to just select few inbuilt options to get the graph papers printed.


There are different options, which could to be selected while printing the blank Graph paper. The first option is selecting the type of graph paper required by the end user. It includes Cartesian Graph paper, Isometric graph paper, Engineering graph paper, Logarithmic graph paper, Polar graph paper, Hexagonal graph paper, smith chart graph paper and Probability graph paper. User can select this option using the drop down menu. Also, the users have an option to select the colors and size desired for the graph paper. The line width of the grids is also customizable. Line width could be thick, medium or thin.

One of the most highly used graph paper is on the Cartesian style graph paper. This is a default setting. A square style grid is formed with two ninety degree lines. This type of graph paper is mainly used for craft and non-arithmetic related activities. The engineering graph paper has clusters of square framework to show the distance. These clusters come in one square inch and one square centimeter. This graph paper is similar to Cartesian graph paper. When one needs to map polar coordinates, then polar graph paper can be used. If a user has to map 3D graphs, then this can be used as it gives length, breadth and height forming a framework of equilateral triangles. Logarithmic graph paper is used when there is a wide range of numbers, which has to be logged. This can be mapped in an increasing or decreasing manner. Computer game programmers mostly use the hexagonal graph paper, which has a group of hexagons forming a grid, which can be used by programmers for navigating the game using maps. Probability graph paper is used while calculating statistical data. This type uses a straight scale in one axis and contingency scale in another axis. Electrical Engineers use smith chart, graph paper for plotting the difference in the complicated transmissions.

The second option is choosing the paper size, which could be either letter sized or A4 sized. The third option is chosen the measuring units, which are basically ohms. Once all these options are selected, the user has to just click on the print button to get the graph papers. There is an option to get the paper in a transparent manner. Even though there are many options to select the type of graph paper, only con is it does not have any way to add additional types as required by the user.


GraphTablet and VaxaSoftware-Graph Paper Printer are software’s, which work on the similar lines to create graph papers. However, in comparison to Graph Paper Printer their variety is restricted to an extent and also the quality of the graph created differs. Looking from many perspectives Graph paper printer is beneficial for printing the ideal graph paper for all types of use.


If users are looking for graphs to be printed using personal computers for crafts, musical anecdotes, science or math projects, then this software can prove to be very beneficial for the same.


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