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Hard core gamers often face compatibility problem with heavy graphics games if they do not know the capacity of the graphics card. GPU-Z is a perfect tool to know all about the graphics card and its capacity in one place. It is a practical utility tool designed to help users to know which graphics card is installed on the computer and the details of it. Oftentimes, due to heavy usage and being an old one, high range graphics cards also cannot handle bigger sized games. GPU-Z perfectly monitors the status of the graphics card and enlists all the credentials.


GPU-Z is a handy tool to check compatibility with latest higher range graphics games or any other programs. Software with complex algorithm, like statistical software and image editing software like Adobe Photoshop needs good graphics card and driver to run swiftly. This software gives a real lowdown on all the details of the graphics card. One of the advantages is, the user can obtain all the details like which graphics card it is, its performance, capacity, current status without installing the software. As the software name goes, GPU-Z perfectly provides all the details of a graphics card, which are GPU, BIOS version, device ID, release date, fillrate, memory type and size, transistors, revision, technology, shaders, DirectX support version, bandwidth, driver version pixel and texture bus width, GPU and default clocks, and other details. The major benefit of this program is the compatibility with almost all graphics cards, drivers and sensors available in the market, such as nVIDIA, ATI, Intel Graphics, etc. It also provides detailed information for each graphics card if the system has multiple such.

GPU-Z enables the user to create log file and a back-up for graphics card BIOS for future reference. Also, when the sensor is concerned, user can get data like GPU temperature, core with this utility tool. User can monitor, evaluate and regulate any sensor with GPU-Z.


There are couple of software to give a tight race to GPU-Z and those are OpenGL, Autodesk Inventor LT, 3Dmark2001, etc. Among all, OpenGL is a popular software to check graphics card details and to control the core, but the incompatibility with Windows 8 is somehow hampered the reputation. 3DMark2001 provided an added advantage of controlling 3D graphics card on the computer. GPU-Z is a handy tool for all sets of users, from beginners to professionals.


With the simplistic and intuitive design, GPU-Z may not offer a wide range of control options, but it does provide all the correct and latest details for the graphics card. User can check the possibility to run a game on the computer, whether the current status of the driver is able to handle the load or not. So, to conclude, if a user is looking for something which push graphics driver details on the fingertips, GPU-Z is a must have one.


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