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Google Talk, also known by the name “Gtalk” is one of the best messaging applications especially for PC right now. One can also do voice calls over the internet while effectively using this software. Users can also easily hold video conference with this application with their co-worker or friends and family from windows desktop using internet connection.

Google Talk is a very simple yet useful messaging and voice calling application for all the age groups. More likely it is a professional messaging client, it doesn’t include any kind of sparkling smiles or sticker which users can find in other applications. Even one can send files through Gtalk and has the facility of answering machine which leaves voice messages.


With Gtalk, users can make all calls or video calls just for free, if they have a data connection and the voice quality will depend on the headset or sound system or the data connectivity strength. The most important feature of this application is the instant messaging service.

Google talk provides fast and swift messaging and the method is very simple at the same time. Gtalk is integrated with Google+, Orkut and Gmail, which is why one can easily get the notifications of other Google services without even opening them, while they are busy using Gtalk at the very same time. The application is also compatible with all kind of mobile devices, Such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Sony’s Mylo, Blackberry etc.


The interface of the software is very simple, effective and professional unlike others and the set-up and settings are very easy even for amateurs. Users can have the facility of chat history, Display of the contact list, automatic start up and many more. Users can also be able to managed audio setting, notification, and blocked contracts with simple and effortless steps.

The another useful aspect which makes Google Talk an exceptional messaging application is its offline messaging service, one can send message or voice message to someone even if they’re not signed in. Google has billions customers at present for their high quality and trustworthy software, so this software is more than worth a try and definitely one of the best messaging applications that are currently available.


Google has made many remarkable applications since many years and Google Talk is one of them. It is one of the most used messaging software, its simple and straightforward controls make it a most popular one. The best part is one can make text and voice messages in any part of the world absolutely for free.


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