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Google SketchUp is a 2D and 3D modeling program for a range of mechanical, film, architectural, civil, as well as video game design applications. It allows a designer to create models of objects of various complexities. It has a user friendly interface and an online source of model assemblies known as 3D Warehouse.


The warehouse is a website where graphic designers meet to find, download, upload and use free models online. There are thousands of professionals in engineering, architecture, construction, landscape architecture and film using SketchUp Pro as an essential tool in their careers. The program allows drawing functions in various styles while accommodating third-party plugins and enabling other capabilities such as near photo realistic rendering.

Equipped with a pencil tool, a measurement tool and a third dimension tool Google SketchUp allows one to create objects in both 2D and 3D. The pencil tool in the top bar is meant to draw basic shapes in 2D. The circle button and the square button may also assist in making simple shapes accurately. If there are specific dimensions in mind, simply create a shape and key in the desired measurements specifying the units to be used, for instance inch, centimeter or millimeter. The push and pull tools are used to convert objects/images into 3D. This is how 3D objects are made on SketchUp.

To measure objects using the software the tape measure tool is selected and dragged across the area of interest, the program will automatically determine the length of the selection. An image or object created on the program is scaled by selecting the scale tool and dragging the computer mouse to re-size the selected object. The pan tool is used to view images in 3D by moving the view point in one dimension and using the orbit tool to rotate the view. Moving and rotating objects are similar functions only that the move tool moves objects in 2 dimensions while the rotate tool moves them in 3 dimensions.


There are over fifty 3D modeling programs available. Only ten of these have free versions available to all users online. SketchUp is among the free 3D modeling software and is available as SketchUp Make. It also has a Pro version that is on sale for professional graphic designers known as SketchUp Pro. SketchUp is a highly competitive 3D modeling software because of its ease of use. Almost any computer user can design 3D objects using this program. The other programs have not made it that easy.


In conclusion, SketchUp is one of the most versatile software that can model complex graphic objects with a simple user interface. This is the widely preferred choice owing to the accommodation of all users, its speed, its abilities, its models and plugins and it tidiness and organization. The software competes commendably in the 3D modeling software market.


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