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GoodSync is a file synchronising software. It is a that software has been used to take file backup from the system to other storage devices and stay assured that the users do not lose files in case of any malfunctioning of your system.


This software has all the required feature to be called a perfect back-up and synchronisation software. With GoodSync, the users can synchronise their files with different systems with the help of a third person server. Any kind of file can be shared or made a back-up of, including mp3, photos and document files. If the users are keeping their business files in the office computer and they wish to make a complete backup of those files in the Laptop, they can do that by installing the software in both device and they can even transfer your e-mails using this software. With the help of this software, the users can run parallel synchronisation in several threads, this enables faster file transfer. This software comes up with manifold essential attributes so that the users do not have to face any difficulties while using it.

The algorithm used for the synchronisation purpose is well implemented in this software and it also enables bi-directional synchronisation between desktops, laptops or servers. If the users wish to review the changes that are proposed, they can click on the Analyse button that they can find in the Actions window. After doing that, the users can bring in the list of the files in the item space then can sync it by clicking on the sync button. All the details of the files including the L size, L date columns will show date and time. This software can also help keep back-ups in external storage devices like external hard drive. Its one-way synchronisation helps the users to get easy backup. With the help of GoodSync, the users can propagate their file deletion process and if they wish to turn off the deletion process, they can do it by 1-way backup. It gives the users both options for user-initiated and real time synchronisation. They can also exchange blocks of big files that will make the transfer speed better with the help of Block-level Delta Copy.


This is a very useful software for multiple device synchronisation and file transfer. Its features offer the users with multiple back-up and sync options. Both speedy and secure file transfer is guaranteed.


It is often compared to various other common file sharing tools and backup options made available like Dropbox, but the features offered by the software is way different as it also incorporates a backup feature that enables you to keep a backup of your files and easily transfer them to your other devices. But GoodSync can detect block level changes and also syncs the actual changed data.


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