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On the fly help via video may be a great way to help rather than writing paragraphs of texts or sending still photographs. Live real-time transfer of video over internet is something really useful and users will like it. However, such transfers require complicated setups and servers running to stream them. GMax IP Camera HD brings these features without any hassle. Webcam live feed can be shared over a network or internet between connected peers and the video parameters can be tweaked according to the bandwidth. It also allows one to view the feed in the browser.


IP Camera HD is a Windows desktop widget and supports Windows 7/8 and XP as well. The videos are sent via MPEG-4 AAC encoding and the format and frame sizes can be adjusted. The user interface is extremely simple with provision for setting parameters. Port number and IP address from the list can be selected and these will let the user share the live stream. The URL can be pointed to in the browser address bar to access the feed or can be shared over the network for access to others. It uses a special encoder, which supports both MPEG, and H.264 streams and it is RFC3550, RFC3016, RFC3984, RFC2617, RFC2326, and RFC2327 compliant. The videos can be grayed out (B/W) and smoothed out too while streaming and it happens on the go.


Windows platform has much IP camera software similar in profile to GMax IP Camera HD. One such software is IP Camera Viewer, which transforms the webcam in to an IP camera capable of streaming. Another candidate would be IP Cam View, which is only free for personal use, and any commercial usage will require purchasing a license. For Linux there is Foscam IP but requires purchasing of specific cameras with the functions. There is also ZoneMinder but the setup is a daunting task and not very helpful for novice users. On the Mac app store there is IP Camera Viewer. However, all of them require a compatible video player and codec support whereas GMax IP Camera provides HTTP based MPEG stream which can also be viewed from a browser without additional software.


GMax IP Camera HD is one of the better IP camera solutions, and is a freeware without any spyware, adware or malware accompanying it. The software utilizes special codec to stream videos over network without any hassle and lets users view videos from a browser without additional software.


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