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Gmail Drive helps the user to maintain the Gmail account in the cloud, which could be accessed by windows explorer. Gmail drive once installed creates a drive icon in the “My computer” folder on the PC. This drive could be accessed like any other drive in the computer.


This tool helps to access the contents of the Gmail account to appear as a new network drive in the workstation of the user. For the user to use this feature, it is required to have a valid Gmail email account. Gmail Drive helps in copying and pasting of the same files as any other drive in the User’s computer. Gmail drive needs Internet connection for accessing the files. This is based on the Gmail FS file system. This drive makes use of the Gmail account inbox to store the files and it basically creates in the virtual cloud based file system on top of the user’s Gmail account. This enables the user to retrieve the files and save the files stored on the mail account directly from windows explorer.

My Computer option in the system comprises of the drive folder and user has the feasibility to create as many folders as required and also perform copy operation, drag and drop operations, etc. When there is a new file added to the drive in the computer, Gmail Drive sends an email to the user’s normal Gmail inbox account. The file, which was added newly to the drive, is sent as an attachment. Gmail drive also checks in a random periodic manner, if the mail has arrived in the inbox or not. The mail is sent with a special subject that enables the user to create a separate folder and move them as required.

The tool additionally keeps checking for new files in the Gmail account of the user. When it detects a new mail, it syncs itself with the drive. Gmail Drive login comes with an option of User name and password. User name and password is same as the Gmail account. Once a user name and password are entered, the user can select the “remember me option”. Once enabled, the user does not have to re-enter username and password every time, while logging in. Selecting “more” option displays extra features such as preserve file names, user secure HTTP and use proxy authentication. Enabling the proxy authentication will in turn asks for proxy username and password.


Microsoft one drive, Tonido, Team drive, ADrive, etc., are some of the tools, which work like Gmail Drive. Gmail Drive has the capacity to automatically verify the inbox and the ability to support filter creation. Also, the set-up is very straight-forward and it has a very user friendly user interface.


This utility gives the user a great way to move the files from Gmail account to the local drive, which helps in easier management of files. Also, the files are stored in the cloud, which could be retrieved as and when required.


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