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Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is an application that can defrag and optimize the hard disks of computers. The tool analyses the files and defrag the hard disk either automatically or accordingly to the specified schedule.


Glarysoft is a high utility tool that enables users to defragment the hard disks in order to boost the performance of the computer. The application analyses a computer’s hard disks and specific folders in order to defrag them to increase the efficiency and optimize the system. This enhances the performance of the system and improves the processing speed of the computer. The software gives the options of automatic and manual defragmentation. The application automatically defragments the files or drives whenever the system is idle. Similarly, users can define the schedule for defragmentation by setting it for daily, weekly and monthly frequencies.

The application provides users with optimization options that move the large and rarely used files to the end of the drive. This helps in enabling the users to have faster accesses to the frequently used files. The program allows exclusion of certain files if the users don’t want to defrag them. It allows defragmentation of specific files as well as multiple files.

The application is easy to install and has a simple operating procedure. It uses an interactive dive map and has an intuitive interface. There are certain customized presets that users can modify according to their requirements. Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp supports Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Auslogics Disk Defrag is an application similar to Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp. The program defrags the drives and folders and improves the efficiency of the computer. The program has a classic clutter map to display the unfragmented, fragmented and empty space on a drive. The software is easy to use even for new users and incorporates features such as defrag schedule and defragmenting individual folders that can be used by advanced users.


Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is a highly efficient software program for defragmenting the drives and files on a computer. It helps speed up the system by analyzing and optimizing the drives to perform better. The application uses a simple interface that allows even new users to use it effectively. The program uses low amount of resources and therefore does not hamper the system’s performance. The options to use automated and manual defragmentation allows the flexibility to the users to manage the system’s resources in an efficient manner.


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