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Computers are often home to lots of information and those information are often private and secured. Leaked information over network can be stopped easily by going offline but if people have physical access to the machine, they can easily steal the data over USB drives or external storage media. Such ports cannot be often blocked easily with software or hardware. Gilisoft USB Lock is such a software for Windows, which provides security for all data stored with capability to block USB ports and CD/DVD drive along with programs and launching web services.


Some of the key features of Gilisoft USB Lock are USB Blocking, CD/DVD drive locking, Website Lock, Program Lock, etc.

  • The primary USP is its USB locking factor. It does not allow any USB drives to connect to the computer over USB ports and requires explicit user authentication for such access.
  • It can also block CD/DVD read write operations over the drives and thus blocks all possible physical routes via which data can leak.
  • There is also devices lock present to lock other I/O devices such as Infrared ports, RF COM ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, Printers, LPT and all other IEEE 1394 devices.
  • Website Lock is a feature that can easily block sharing websites and accessing such sites over any browser simply displays the page as “Blocked” and does not load any contents.
  • Some other features include Alarm notification, which implies that if any user inputs the wrong password 5 times to gain access to the computer, an auto-generated email is sent to the registered user with whom the actual computer belongs.
  • Further programs can also be blocked which enable network access like messengers, email programs and even the Control Panel if required.
  • Copy protection does not let other users duplicate information such as important files and copyright materials. Leak prevention does not allow unauthorized devices to access a computer and only authenticated devices are allowed access.


Gilisoft USB Lock is windows exclusive. Heading over to the Mac OS X environment, there is USB Lock software available on the Mac app store but it only allows USB locking and not anything else and nor is as feature rich. Predator is a similar free software on Windows though very limited in functionality and is more like a one off project. On Linux however, things get complicated with terminal commands and other details that the user needs to dig into. Gilisoft USB Lock is trial-based software with a number of other facilities as well.


Based on other software over various platforms, Gilisoft USB lock provides the most complete set of features with USB locking and blocking other media of data transfer as well. The software is hassle free to install and provides a plethora of features to protect information without any compromise.


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