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GIGATweaker is very light and freeware application that allows you to personalize the look of your OS in one go. This simple tool lets you change the overall look and the settings of your system. GIGATweaker is available for specific versions of Microsoft Windows viz-a-viz., Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8.


GIGATweaker offers a wide range of options to enhance your operating system’s look. These options include changing the look of your start button, Internet Explorer settings, Security and Personalisation settings, and Desktop settings. Furthermore, the Desktop settings are sub-categorized so as to meet the edit works of the start bar and the background options. This software needs to be installed on your PC in order for it to work.

There exists an option to restore to a previous point so that the changes which you make are not permanent as such. This helps you to apply the default settings just in case you do not like the changes that you made. With the help of this tool, you can also restrict the usage of the start bar, Task Manager, Control Panel, the access of command prompt, and the usage of other applications. Apart from these, you can set default applications for new files that you create which in turn saves your time to a small extent too. You may not find a help document associated with this tool thereby, making it the only drawback of this application.


Applications like TweakUI, Clean Up Utilities, and Ubuntu Tweak and Glary Utilities are in the league of competitors for GIGATweaker. Of these, Glary Utilities has a highly customizable user interface, but it does not offer as many options and tools, as offered by this GIGATweaker.

TweakUI allows you to edit the appearance of your Operating System and Internet Explorer only up to a certain level, and last but not the least Ubuntu Tweak, is also a decent tool, but is restricted to Linux OS, which makes it less popular than others.


The key USP of Giga Tweaker is its small size (about 2.1 MB) and it works superfluously in the background. It proves its worth by being one of the most useful tweakers for developers and other enthusiasts.


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