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GFI Backup Home Edition is high performance tool for creating backups of important files, documents, emails, pictures and even settings. The application allows secure backup of the data and also supports synchronisation between the original data and the backup data. The backup data can be stored on removable media devices, network drives and FTP servers.


GFI Backup Home Edition is a high utility application for creating backup of important data. Users can take backups of their settings, pictures, emails, documents and other important files using this application. The application also allows synchronisation of the backup data along with the original data.

Users can specify the locations of the source data and the destination where the data backup will be saved. The backup of files and settings can be saved on external media devices, removable drives, USB Flash drives, DVD and CD ROM and even on the network devices and other computers over the network. The data backup can also be stored on remote FTP servers. The application allows users to choose the options of creating differential or incremental backups and specify whether they need data compression and encryption. The backup activities can also be scheduled and the task will be performed automatically. Users have the option to receive summary reports, email notifications and synchronisation of data. There is also a restore wizard integrated in the application.

The installation process of the application is simple and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. The application can be easily used by new as well as advanced users with same level of competence. The program requires low system resources and does not affect the performance the system. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


GoodSync is an application similar to GFI Backup Home Edition. The application is a useful tool for data backup and synchronisation. The backup and synchronisation of the files can be done between computers, mobile devices, external drives, FTP, SFTP and cloud. The application supports scheduled backups as well as peer to peer backups and real time backup of data.


GFI Backup Home Edition is an efficient application for taking backup of data and settings. The program supports easy backup of files and settings by allowing them to be stored on removable external drives, network drives and computers on the network as well as on FTP servers. Users have the options to create differential and incremental backups, generate summary reports and get email notifications.


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