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In today’s modern era, nothing is permanent. Even the most trusted hard drives, tape drive, or any kind of storage device. This obviously calls up for some backing up of data in such an efficient manner that there is no difficulty or interference in work, and back up is created automatically. Genie Timeline Pro is a tool that can create back-ups regardless of what kinds of files the data contains, or where is it stored, be it hard drive or an external disk. The backing up is done implicitly, which in turn is supported by military level ciphering.


Genie Timeline Pro has been designed to ease down to pressure of backing up data every time manually. The back-up option has been divided into 3 simple steps, which is politely guided by the wizard. There is no need to search for folders or files, Genie Timeline Pro itself finds the former just by tying in the names and adding to the list. Further customizations can be done to specify certain folders and exclude unnecessary or least used ones. If the user makes changes in the files, then this shareware amends the backups in every 3 minutes to keep the data up to date. In case of loss of data, it can be recovered from the Timeline Browser that is designed to collaborate with the Windows Explorer and helps restore last saved states of the documents. It can find all the important files of the system like photos, videos, audios and documents without manually mentioning the location or types and create secure backups in nick of time.

Additionally, it keeps a track of old and modified files for emergency backups and thus plays the role of rescuer. It also keeps the mobile data secure that is synced to the computer. The type of encryption which is deployed of files in the system is 256-AES Encryption, which further encrypts the names of the encrypted files too, thus creating a fine wall. Some other features include backup file statistics and backup compressions.


Genie Timeline Pro comes to be one of the most comfortable and non-intervening software regarding the backing up of data. Every software is unique and comparing them always brings out pros and cons. CrashPlan is a software dedicated to back-up of data stored on the disk, though there is no provision for cloud storage in CrashPlan unpaid version. Genie Timeline Pro has all the facilities one could possibly look for while creating duplicate data.


Genie Timeline Pro is a strong shareware and provides maximum features at a nominal cost. Backups are not something that can be created everyday manually. There is an efficient and cost effective mechanism needed to do so, and this is what Genie Timeline successfully achieves.


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