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Gen-X Total Security is an antivirus solution that protects your data and computer from viruses, Trojans, worms and other forms of malware. This program also allows you to create, change and remove network access rights. It scans all objects in drives, including the removable ones and deletes any threats in the drives.


This application has three scan modes; quick, full and custom scan. Quick scan checks the operating system of your computer and removes any suspicious files from the system. You can also run full scan to check all files in your computer or use custom scan to check selected files. The application also allows you to configure the autoscan feature by selecting the type of scan and specifying the time of its autolaunch. You can go to the threads section if you want to view information about the detected threads during previous scans. You can control networking across the system by customizing the application. By pressing the ‘Add button’ you can choose the application you want, change the network rules, change IP version, the action and the protocol. You can also change or remove a list of websites that you want to prevent or block from downloading malicious programs.


Kaspersky PURE 3 is one of the programs that work almost the same as Gen-X Total Security. This software can protect your computer from viruses and malware. The program can also provide online security just like Gen-X Total Security does. One of the outstanding differences between these two applications is the parental control section feature provided by Kaspersky PURE 3. This feature enables the parents to check what their kids are doing online. Max Secure Anti Virus Pro is another program that can protect your computer from viruses. The application has three scan modes just like GEN-X Total Security. However, GEN-X Total Security is more effective in providing internet security than the other applications.


GEN-X Total Security is an effective tool for protecting your computer from viruses and malware. This application can also protect you from hackers and malicious websites through web filtering.


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