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Nowadays there are many gaming software that allows user to save game progress and continue it afterwards from the same point. But having such an application that allows user to create the backup of the games progress is an advantage for all gaming geeks. GameSave Manager is such an application that helps user to save their game progress automatically preventing data loss which can save much of the user’s time. Scheduling backup and easy file transferring mechanism make it more useful application.


Users playing games will understand the importance of saving the game progress. GameSave Manager is such an application that helps user to create backups of the games installed on the user’s computer. The only thing user have to do is to simply restore those file from the backup location in order to start from the same position. Sometimes creating backup of game progress and using it at another location looks easy but problem arises in locating those files. Thus, this application is helpful for the users as the backup made by the application can be moved not only to the same computer but also to different computers. User can copy those backup files and paste them to the required computer on which the user want to resume the game. Another important feature of GameSave Manager is its specific database that helps user to keep the record of user’s game so that user can access them any time. After installing the application, it scans the system to get the details of all games installed on the computer and creates a backup list of all.

GameSave Manager allows user to schedule the backups to different time interval so that the application automatically backup the game progress. Most important feature of GameSave Manager that makes this application more valuable to use is Steam integration. With the help of this feature user can make backups on different hard drives. Also, GameSave Manager enables user to backup data in different online cloud services. If the user wants backup their files to a more private and secure server then the user have an option of FTP servers. GameSave Manager also has some important features like built in update checker, 7-Zip support, etc. Also, the application has many customized operations i.e. user can customize the application according to their needs. As GameSave Manager is a freeware application, thus the user can easily download the application and enjoy its services.


Some other applications that provide same functioning as GameSave Manager are MASGAU, SaveGame and SaveGame Backup Manager. But the user friendly interface and easy operating mechanism make it an important application for the user. Also, GameSave Manager is a free ware application and it does not affect the computers performance, which is also an advantage over other applications of its kind.


GameSave Manager is a light weighted application that enables user to backup their game progress so that they can easily use them. Also, the features provided by the application like schedule backups, stream integration and update checker make it useful for the users.


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