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G DATA InternetSecurity provides full system security from all sorts of computer threats. It is able to deal with viruses, cyber theft, spam and any other type of internet threat. It is able to provide excellent computer protection.


G DATA InternetSecurity is able to provide safe online transaction and also offers protection of the user’s personal information. It is also incorporated with a parental control feature that enables the user to control the accessed sites. This feature is really beneficial to parents who want to block out any inconvenient sites. It is also able to shield the computer from hackers and any spam mail. It has new heuristics to enable it to detect any new viruses that may not be in the database. It is able to perform scans without affecting the computers performance. For gamers this is the perfect software since it is able to automatically autopilot and does not have pop ups during that period. It has an immediate protection against viruses. It is very easy to use and has four security levels that ensure full system protection. Its user interface has also been modeled to suite all users.


The main difference between this software and others that perform the same tasks is the duration that it takes to fix a virus security breach. It tends to take a shorter time to detect and get rid of the virus than most other similar software. Apart from that it has an award winning protection against attacks.


G DATA InternetSecurity has received top ratings from various sites and it has a top capability to protect the computer against attacks. It ensures full system protection.


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