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Protecting computer data is essential for all computer users. Antivirus software was developed for this purpose. Once the user has a quality effective antivirus he or she can be sure that all the files in the computer are safe from destruction. G DATA AntiVirus is able to protect the computer from all sorts of threats. It provides the user with high security levels and ensures full time system protection.


G DATA AntiVirus is encoded with several features so as to ensure maximum computer protection from viruses and malware. The interface is straight to the point giving the user exactly what he needs. It is incorporated with two scanning engines namely heuristics and behavior blocking. Heuristics is the ability of an antivirus to detect new viruses and malware that are not on its database. It is able to perform its functions without tiring or slowing down the computer. It tends to secure the users online transactions therefore protecting the computer against cyber theft. It is able to protect the computer against online attacks and malware through the incorporation of the CloseGap technology. It has an hourly update feature. This ensures that the database is always up to date therefore offering full protection at all times. It has no annoying pop ups so that it does not disturb the user. It has the fastest reaction to virus attacks. It takes a short time to get rid of a virus once it is detected. G DATA AntiVirus has the ability to scan even the compressed files and archives. To top it all up it has the ability to protect android platform tablets and smart phone against mobile threats.


The main feature that makes this antivirus software different from the rest is its quick response system. Its ability to remove any threats quickly makes it stand out from the rest. The other main difference is the incorporation of the two scan engines.


G DATA AntiVirus has been able to win several awards on computer protection. This makes it among the best system security software to have.


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