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FTP Voyager is an advanced FTP client made for windows. It has loads of features that make a highly recommendable and used product of its kind. It supports all major transfer protocols such as FTP, FTPS and SFTP. The transfer can take place using IPV4 or IPV6. However, IPV6 is not yet available in some countries of the world. It has many exciting features such as transfer scheduling, folder synchronization and so on. All of these features are packed in a package free of cost, as this application is being distributed as a freeware.


FTP Voyager is a FTP client, which allows its users to transfer files to their respective FTP servers using FTP, FTPS or SFTP file transfer protocols. The application can also be used on IPV6 along with IPV4. FTP Voyager comes in a 13MB installable package, which is quite a bulky package as compared to some other similar products like FileZilla. The application can be installed readily using the package. Its interface is quite complex and might confuse the users and it is crowded with huge amount of options and controls. Although when had a close inspection, the settings are found to be quite useful and mandatory. There are different tabs, on the basis of which different tasks are distributed over the application. Such tabbing is quite useful in maintaining the simplicity of the application. Starting from the top is the quick connect option where users can quickly connect to their servers by entering the required fields. Next are the tabs, which are quite descriptive to use.

There are various features that this application includes such as synchronization, in which users can set a directory for the FTP to synchronize files with. Scheduled transfers, where users can set a timer for the files and queues to be executed. When the files are transferred successfully user can set the application to shut down the system, send email, and delete files and some other post transfer actions. There are several other features such as remote thumbnails, compression, data integrity etc.


FTP clients are the applications that allow its users to transfer files to a remote server using the File Transfer Protocol. FTP Voyager is one such application that allows to transfer files using FTP, FTPS or SFTP. Also, this application can be used in the areas where IPV6 has been launched, as it completely support the new inter protocol. There are many other applications that come in the same category of FTP clients; some of them are FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc. All of these applications work more or less in a similar fashion. However, FTP Voyager has some advanced features such as queue scheduling and synchronization, which is not found in other applications, also its interface is much better and compelling.


FTP Voyager is a comprehensive FTP client, which has many distinctive features such as queue scheduling and synchronization. All of these features make this application a better option among all the similar application. The application is a freeware and can be used without any restrictions, although cannot be further redistributed. This adds more to its popularity and usage.


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