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Fresh Diagnose is an application that displays detailed view of the system information and serves as a benchmarking tool. The program provides detailed information about the system’s resources, hardware, multimedia and network components.


Fresh Diagnose is a system’s utility software that helps with detailed display of the system, hardware, multimedia and network information. The application has a simple installation process and once completed, the user interface is friendly and easy to use even for new users. It has a tree structure with menu options.

The information pertaining to the hardware such as hard disks, partitions, logical drives, flash drives, monitor, optical drivers, mouse, keyboard, printers, scanners, USB ports, etc. The program displays information pertaining to the network such as internet settings, TCP/IP configuration, network adapters, network resources and mail clients. It provides information pertaining to multimedia elements including DirectX, mixer, video capture and settings and media control.

The information pertaining to the system components such as device drivers, application certificates, BIOS settings, CMOS, system memory, RAM, cache memory, system files, accessibility options, event logs, appearance, engines, file formats, monitor power options, scheduled tasks, startup menu, motherboard, processor, sensors, system slots, port connections, plug and play options, etc. are can be accessed through Fresh Diagnose. The application displays benchmarks information which is useful to users who want to know their system’s processing capabilities. This helps with the installation of the right hardware resources and software compatible with the system. The current version of Fresh Diagnose supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.


Everest Ultimate Edition is an application similar to Fresh Diagnose. It is a system information and benchmarking tool. The application provides detailed statistics about system resources such as operating system, storage and mother board and provides other hardware information. It performs benchmark testing pertaining to system memory and CPU. SiSoftware Sandra is another application which is useful for benchmarking and getting information about the system. It can perform benchmarking on networks as well as standalone PCs.


Fresh Diagnose is a high utility application which displays important information pertaining to the system resources, drivers, hardware, network and multimedia components of a computer. The program is an effective benchmarking tool and can be useful for users who want to test certain hardware components and software on their computers. The application is easy to install and use. The user-friendly interface is simple to operate even by new users and the application does not use large amount of system resources.


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