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Listening to music is one of the most used daily activities that any person can make. Music is the magic that can make wonders both spiritually and mentally. Freemake Music Box can become the best companion when users need to hear music in a legalized way. It’s currently standing as one of the top rated platforms to listen to thousands of music for free but within a legalized boundary.


Freemake Music Box offers the best music experience to jukebox in the PC version. It often seems absurd when people search and download music illegally. But, this software allows the users to download legal content from its thousands of song collection and all of them are for free.

  • Great Collection of Music

Freemake Music Box comes with a really amazing and big library full of great music and stuffs that are available for free and doesn’t get block due to regional restrictions. This program has a collection of over 1 million tracks and they are completely legalized. Users can easily play, pause or repeat the music accessing from anywhere in the world. Definitely, this application doesn’t reveal the source of this music to its users but it’s no wonder that most of them come from YouTube, recorded from radio stations or TVs, etc. But, they deliver really great performance being a free streamer.

  • Legalized Music

People often fail to convey proper respect to the artists by downloading illegal contents and they get in trouble later on to distribute and share copyright material. But, rest assured the users of this program won’t get in any of such trouble since the music that are being searched and listened to are completely legalized.

  • Creating and Organizing Playlists

At the first glance, Freemake Music Box can impress its users with the looks and easy to use functionalities. However, it also allows its users to create and organize different playlists of their searched music on this application.

  • Filtering Search Results

Freemake Music Box usually makes fast and reliable searches. However, sometimes, it’s required filtering out the genres and artists to see which music it really belongs to whom. It helps the users to find music more efficiently using its fast filtering search engine.


There are many programs that does exactly the same job of serving quality music through searches but most of them just leads to another direction and others are high costly. Sure, this app won’t provide high quality music but it does a pretty decent job than Spotify or different music search engines.


In overall, this program delivers far better performance that it’s expected and it costs nothing while having the capability to listen to legalized music.


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