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Converters do a pretty good job of converting different media files among various formats to end up matching the ones supported by your player or device. There’re so many options out there to convert different formats of Audio to make them support on your preferred device. But, most of them come with a payment procedure, while others require you to do it online. Freemake Audio Converter might be the answer to these problems.


Freemake Audio converter does so little in comparison to other high-end softwares. Surprisingly, it does a single job and it does it pretty well. It’s not every day that you end up with a song that just doesn’t support your device. Therefore, you need a quick audio converter and Freemake Audio Converter can do it efficiently for you. It doesn’t carry so many features but some of its easy-to usable ones are given below.

–       Over 40 Supported Formats

It’s hard to imagine how a free converter like this supports these many formats for different devices. No matter which file you’re working on, you can always check among the 40 different formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, FLAC, M4R, AC3, AMR, AIFF etc. No matter if you’re a fan of iPod, Coby or Zune, this free program has got everything covered for you in terms of these formats.

–       Merge and Export Files

Sometimes, it’s required to merge two audio files together. Therefore, you don’t need another third party app to do this extra work for your audio files. Freemake Audio Converter has its built-in merger feature that lets the users to merge and export the file to different devices. For example, you can directly export an Audio file to iTunes library for transferring it to your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

–       Free & Reliable Program

Freemake Audio Converter offers all of its services for free. So, it’s not at all unsafe. Plus, users will get some pre-determined presets to do all the adjustments like bitrate, sample rate or audio channel. Users can certainly come up with another preset to their choice.

Other than these, this application can take out the Audio file from a video file and it offers batch mode conversion process to convert several audio files simultaneously.


Format Factory is also a great alternative to Freemake Audio Converter. But, Format factory is more of a video-converter, so, it doesn’t support a whole bunch of audio formats. Additionally, Format Factory doesn’t offer the merging capability.


Freemake Audio Converter is one of the most popular and reliable audio converter application in the market right now and it’s available for you without spending any penny. A new feature also allows the users to burn their Audio CDs onto discs.


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