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There is a number of compression software available that a person can use. If for instance, someone is looking for a compression utility that has the highest compression levels, then FreeArc might just be the right tool for them. FreeArc is a general purpose archiver that has a rich set of features that make it to be fast and efficient at compressing. The software uses a number of algorithms which allows automatic switching and it works between 2 to 5 times faster than other programs, while at the same time maintaining the same compression ratio.


This is a compression tool that offers computer users a substitute for the common archiver like WinZip or WinRAR. The Context Menu enables a person to either create a new archive or extract files from existing archives. When creating archives, it provides a number of options that enable the possibilities to compress, encrypt, protect, store file paths, update modes or even to comment. It is designed with a plain and simple interface that will not present a problem to a first time user to navigate. The software is not only efficient, it is fast too when working with both large and small files. It is able to convert archives into their proprietor format or even format like SFX. After working on a file, it is possible to compress and lock it, to prevent future modifications.


When this software is compared to other archiver software such as RAR and 7-Zip, it lacks some components. For instance multi- volume archives, extended time stamps and data segmentation components


This software can be successfully used to create and open any archive at an impressive speed. It works both with Linux and Windows and presents a large variety of features to the user to enable creation of any kind of archive. This makes it to be a pretty nice alternative to the well known file archiver and a top option in the archives categories.


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