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Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is a swift and efficient application for cutting MP3 and Wav audio files. Using this application, users can adjust the volumes of their music files and make certain edits to these files. The program enables users to edit the volume of the music files and add several effects such as fading in and fading out and other similar effects.


Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is a high utility audio editing software application, which allows users to cut their Wav and MP3 audio files. Users can set the volume of their audio files and make several minor edits. The program allows setting audio tracks one by one on the playback bar and the result is displayed in the form of audio waves.

These audio files can then be edited according to the requirements of the users. The volume of the audio files can be adjusted and edits such as fading out and fading in of the volume of audio files can be done using this application. The application can convert files into mono or stereo.

Users simply need to open the audio files which they want to cut and edit. The application has a very simple interface with just few buttons and hence even new users can easily use the application without any hassles. Once the files have been opened and displayed, users are just needed to define the beginning and end of the audio files by dragging the cursor over the specific start and end points on the playback bar.

The application supports drag and drop options and has easy to access buttons for blank workspace. Similarly, users can open an audio file using the file browser option. The application requires low system resources and does not adversely affect the performance of the computer. The application has an intuitive interface and the operating procedure is so simple that it does not have a help file which is not even required. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is an application similar to Free MP3 Cutter and Editor. The application is a combination of two separate functionalities, which means that the same application can cut and join MP3 files. The application is simple to use and the multi-functionality of cutting and joining MP3 files makes this application useful as users can easily perform both the activities in a simple and easy manner.


Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is a useful tool for cutting MP3 and Wav files and making edits to these files. The program has a very simple interface which makes it very easy for even first time users to use this application with ease and dexterity. The program supports audio edit functions such as audio volume fading out and in. Users can open files on the playback bar and can specify the start and end points of the audio file to be cut.


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