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Free ISO creator is a free ISO image-creating tool that assists in creating ISO CD images directly from the folders in a personal computer or CD/DVD ROM. Free ISO creator is an easy to use software. After launching the software, you click on the browse button to choose a source among the volume names. Input the ISO file label and click on save as to set the ISO file name and output path. To create the ISO file, click the create button.


Free ISO creator allows the addition of folders and files to ISO images with an aim of organizing the image context better. You can also add new folders and rename current ones from the main window.
It features a size limit that permits the user to set a maximum size for the ISO image. This enables the creation of an ISO that can be burned on CD, DVD 5 and 9 with separate customize options to enable you specify the size limit.
It also features a handy utility that formulates bootable images when working with windows files or other programs that are used when turning a computer on. It also offers three files to choose from, they include; UDF ISO, ISO9660 and ISO9660+Joliet.


Free ISO creator has a number or competitors that include; ISO disk, ISO recorder and Img burn. ISO disk is an ISO maker and a virtual drive emulator that allows you to create ISO files and mount images as DVD/CDs. ISO recorder allows creation of images from DVD, CD and files on your personal computer. Additionally, it has DVD and CD burning features depending on your windows version. Img burn is unique because it creates files through combining files from your personal computer and discs as well.


In my opinion, free ISO creator lacks some features and styles that are available in premium ISO creators. However, if you need to formulate ISO files and do not have money, free ISO creator can get you job done perfectly.


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