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Free Alarm Clock is a useful, simple and free app for windows users that can be used to set alarms and reminders on your computer. Its simple & user friendly interface allows anyone and everyone to use this software with ease. Free Alarm Clock can be used just like we use the alarms on our phones. It has been provided with a lot of customising options. The tone can be changed, the frequency of alarm can be altered and there are numerous options for snoozing and stopping the alarm.


Free Alarm Clock works on Windows XP/vista/2000/7/8 and takes minimal memory space. This app has many features that make it versatile, and cater, to most of the needs of its users. Its features include ringtone selection from any directory for the alarms, it can even execute commands or open a URL. Apart from playing a song or an audio file, it supports WAV and WMA file formats, display of alarm notification on the taskbar.

The app has also been translated into many languages like Romanian, Chinese and Arabic. It can be run directly from a flash drive, and it can automatically turns up the volume is the computer is on mute, and wakes up the system from sleep mode. The duration of the alarm can also be altered. It also has an improved DIP support and an option to stop snooze.


Free Alarm Clock falls in the league of other ace applications such as Kana Reminder, Awaken, Alarms Now, System Scheduler, KAlarm, MKN Task Explorer, etc. However, Free Alarm Clock is a more convenient choice for most of its users as it is easy to use and have numerous features to cater to most of the needs of its users and has a lot of customization options but it lags on the display front from some of its competitors.


Whether you want to wake up early to go to work or for an early jog, this app comes in handy where your regular alarm clock or phone might fail. This versatile app provides numerous options for changing the alarm tones and you can select the way you want your computer to wake you up. It has options for setting reminders too.

You can set multiple alarms simultaneously. With this app at hand, the time will be on your side. It is simple, elegant and all that you would want an alarm app to be.


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