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In the last few years, we have seen a lot of various applications from Chinese and Russian developers that have made the people all around the world play. Foxmail is also one of those applications from a Chinese Tech internet organization known as Tencent which acquits itself to be better than some of the foreign imports, possessing of a very clean interface as well as interesting, useful features.


Foxmail is really a very decent and skillful contender which works like a charm. However, no unique methods are adopted by this client to display the incoming mails but display the various Gmail Folders and tags perfectly. The old Spartan theme of the program will make you remember “Postbox” but is not the same. The reply feature that Foxmail offers it really very nice as whenever the user pulls down the message for reading, a small mini window with “compose” written on it appears on the top of it for replying to the message that the user is reading.

Another amazing system is hidden by Foxmail for sending invitations together with the messages, along with the menu under the nondescript icon present in the “compose message” window. The user can specify the date, place, time as well as the title of the invitation, and after the message is received by them, it is accurately placed on calendar by Foxmail without any delay.

Search feature offered by Foxmail is also amazing and helps in finding the answer to the query’s which could be present in the subject, text body, or content of the senders message. In addition to that Foxmail also offers a lot of other mails to search. But unlike other email clients, Foxmail mainly pulls out the old mails of the user and makes them load one at a time which makes the work a bit hectic.


On comparing the software with other email clients, Foxmail’s performance was average. Although the software offered some of the useful features like search and superb reply options, but there were also many factors that contributed in pulling down the software when compared to others. One of such major factors was the language of the help files that are present in the client. All the help files are in Chinese language that makes it very difficult for the user to get accustomed with the various features that it offers.


Overall the program looks like it is not built up to the neck, although it works perfectly well and offers some very interesting feature. But the lack of English language becomes one of the main reasons why people outside china may avoid it.



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