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ForwardMail is the software, which helps in forwarding messages from one email account to another email account. It does it automatically with the filters, which could be set by the user. No manual intervention is required once the filters are set for automatic forwards.


ForwardMail comes with lots of settings like modifications of header, processing the attachment, the conversion of content and lot more features. User needs to configure the settings from which account, the mails have to be forwarded.

ForwardMail has a preference option of Server, Options, Filter 1, Filter 2, Mobile, Schedule and General. User has to give the account name from which the mails have to be transferred in the server tab. “Forward to” option comes with a box wherein, user can enter multiple addresses separated by a space, where the user wishes to forward thier mails to. Main box information like user ID, password, POP server address, SMTP server address with port numbers have to be entered by the user. There is also an option for the user to delete the incoming mails just after forwarding. Various filters like deletion of incoming mails after forwarding can also be set. Options under preference have multiple options for filtering while forwarding. User can use the filter as per mail size. When the file size is large, the user can select options like strip attached files and send only the text messages or select the option of not forwarding the mails.

Advanced options like avoiding the SMTP relay operation error can be set. Special header operations come with different settings like putting destination address, sending received headers of incoming mail, putting the original address mail or removing it, adding a domain name to domain-less address, limiting the subject length to a particular size, etc.

ForwardMail has the option of forwarding mails from mobile as well. It has extensive options for forwarding from mobiles. It has option to set the length of the mail and also inserts the delay while sending each mail. It has separate options for subject info like Add ”subject” to top of mail body, change Reply to Forward, and also shorten the subject to particular bytes. ForwardMail has option to filter spam mails. The main menu has the details of the size of the mail, account type, date and subject of the email, source account and destination account of the mails, which are getting forwarded.


Mailstore home, pop peeper, etc., are some of the email tools, which works like ForwardMail. ForwardMail stands distinct because of its exclusive user customizable options. It offers multiple feature settings, which saves a lot of time for the user.


ForwardMail is a great tool if one wishes to forward mail from one account to another. It has various features, which once set, automatically forwards the mail saving a lot of manual effort. Optimization of forward messages to mobile devices is an added advantage.


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