FortHood: System Integrity Verification & Enforcement Utility

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FortHood is a type of system integrity verification and enforcement utility software that is designed to function as a convenient antivirus. It has been rated as one of the most convenient and effective utility software.


FortHood system utility software has a simple user interface that makes it suitable for all computer users either rookies or the advanced computer users. The user interface can be viewed in either a simple window or advanced window depending on the user’s preference. After installation of the software it is advisable to perform a full system scan after which the software will protect the computer by use of the secure current state feature. FortHood should be installed before the system is at risk so that it can determine the before and after state of the computer. This ensures that if at any point the computer is compromised the user can be able to restore the system into its safe condition. The user can set a scan frequency depending on time and specify the exact contents the he or she wants to scan. It has a system maintenance feature that; cleans the computer’s temporary files, empties the recycle bin and clearing the system cache and recent places. This feature creates more space in the computer.


The main feature that makes this software different from the rest of its kind is mainly its double interface. The advanced and simple interface that it has is what mainly makes it unique. Its ability to restore the computer to a previous safe condition is also a rare attribute. This ensures that the system is not completely vulnerable at any point.


FortHood software is affordable when compared to the quality services that it offers the user. With this software the user is assured of maximum protection at all times.


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