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FolderSizes is an application that helps to determine the file sizes or rather does a disk space analysis. It is a very useful application to visualize and manage disk space instantly, especially when backups are taking too long to run. FolderSizes is the best network enabled disk space analyzer for windows application.


This application scans the disk to quickly show up the large files that are occupying most of the space. They help the user to manage duplicate files in any folder. While doing software installations, the temporary files are left over and cannot be eliminated. Such files can be deleted with the help of FolderSizes. It also provides a view of local files, mapped files, or any removable disk.

The key feature of the application is the detailed reporting system provided which can be scheduled and also maintains the history of the file changes. It also provides a hierarchical view of the sub folders with folder map visualization feature. Search criteria can be set up in order to search old files that may no longer be needed and deleted eventually. There is also an option to drill down search in the file reports. The directory size report can be represented in the form of graphs, pie charts or bar graphs. A trend analysis can also be done on the disk space report. Apart from this, it has an option for command line support and built in scheduler. Once the analysis is done, the report can be generated in formats like html, xml, etc.

Apart from the key features, FolderSizes helps to publish the disk usage report to the web server. It also identifies the data that is best suited to be archived. Snapshots can be created and viewed offline so that the system can be analyzed. It also can find recently modified files without actually specifying the name of the file and also finds files owned by a specific group or owner. Some files have long names and those can be recognized and rectified as well. The application has the ability to scan and analyze multiple paths at a time. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit windows operating systems. It works very fast and is very efficient and available at an affordable price for the users. This tool helps the system administrators to do a detailed analysis on the server system.


The versatility makes it the best tool available in the market for disk space analysis as compared to other tools like TreeSize and SpaceSniffer.


FolderSizes is one the best tool available for disk space analysis and management. Its vast reporting feature is the key advantage to users, who wants detailed analysis of their drive space.


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