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Many applications are available to create, view and edit databases and their contents without the knowledge of coding. But, those applications allow the users to just print the content and limit the export functionality. FlySpeed Data Export is a comprehensive tool that can be used to export the data from the databases.


FlySpeed Data Export can be used to export the data from almost any of the database systems such as OLE DB or ODBC, Firebird, DB2, PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase, dBASE, Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL. The exported data can be saved in the following Microsoft Office supported formats such as MS Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, DBF, Text Document, Rich Text Format (RTF), MS Access, MS Word, Open Document Text and other Spreadsheet formats. It can also be used to export BLOB images.

This program has built-in compatibility with multi-processor architecture such as dual-core and quad-core processors that allows the user to export data from different tables at the same time. Thus, a large number of databases can be exported at the same time in a hassle freeway. It also comes integrated with a set of power tools that automates the exporting task. The settings such as export parameters can be manually defined by the user and can be repeated whenever the export tasks are to be performed. Task scheduler and OLE automation tools can be used to fully automate the export process. Data Transfer Tasks can be performed using the command line utility.

Apart from exporting the data from the database, the user can use this application to sort and filter the required fields. The user can also selectively export by choosing the required tables, views and fields. Custom SQL queries can also be used to gather the required data. Each and every data can be configured with various available configuration options.

This program is very simple to use because, as step by step wizard that guides the user from the beginning to the end is provided. In order to improve the security, the connection time can be limited while configuring the application. Moreover, this application consumes very less amount of PC memory and performs at high speed even when used for handling the large databases.


Some alternatives of FlySpeed Data Export include Exportizer, Universal Database Import/Export Tool and a lot more. These programs have a complex interface and also consume a lot of PC memory which affects the performance of the computer. FlySpeed Data Export has a simple and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). Exportizer has some advantages such as copying the data to the clipboard, editing the data, and enhancing the table values and properties.


FlySpeed Data Export is an advanced and essential program that can be used to export the data from databases in a very easier way; thus saving the time and reducing the workload of the user.


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