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With advancement in imaging and computing power, gesture based software systems are on the rise. Such software provides you with an enhanced way of interacting with your PC, often bordering on Sci-Fi fiction. Flutter is one such software which enables you to use motion gestures (through your hand) to control your multimedia playback (movies and songs) using your computer’s webcam and all these without expensive hardware to buy. While many rival technologies often require specialize hardware along with software, Flutter just needs you to have a webcam – which has become almost ubiquitous in modern PCs.


The software currently comes with gesture recognition that easily recognizes all your gestures based on hand movements and controls your playback accordingly. Standard control options like play/pause and skip are available and by holding up your hand, you can make your player stop playing. Navigation (previous or next) is provided by pointing up thumbs in either direction. Media playback software like VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes from Apple and Spotify are all supported along with others like Rdio, Keynote, Netflix, Pandora, Winamp, YouTube, Grooveshark and also has a Chrome extension. However, all gestures are limited to hand only and work when the user is at a distance of 1 meter to 6 meter only.


The software is unique in its own right i.e. it does not have any expensive hardware to perform gesture recognition. Compare this to Microsoft’s solution – the Kinect hardware, which entails extra hardware and is expensive. Further, the availability of such expensive hardware is very limited and often bundled with Xbox only. The other competitor is Leap Motion Controller, which again entails extra set of hardware with more capabilities. But it is a mixed bag at best as the control is jittery and nor perfect requiring lots of tweaks. Another competitor is Samsung’s “Air Gesture” which is incorporated in their high-end smartphones which again is not at all accurate it not an independent software solution either – requiring you to own an expensive gadget just to try it out.


Flutter is right now available for Windows with support for large number of media players. It does little but it does that great – up to now, only hand based simple gestures are recognized and anything more complex is not. It is an ideal candidate to control your home based media center PC when controlling it with keyboard can become very tedious. The software grates and recognizes all supported gestures and is highly recommended for everyone to give it a try.


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