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Apple’s iOS devices are genuinely productive but they tend to get messier in terms of synchronization as they don’t support too many third party apps and many of those softwares are just plain rip-offs. So, in order to save some money and deal with the synchronization problem to make it more easier than iTunes, there’re very few apps out there in the market that can be called off as a great alternative to the famous iTunes and Floola is one of them.


The features of this software are robust and comprehensive. It mainly replaces the users’ requirement of a buggy and laggy program like iTunes and does a great job of being a perfect alternative. Though, it can’t repair iOS devices and it can surely fetch data from the device and synchronize it back and forth.

  • Easy to Use UI

Users always prefer easy to use features and options bundled in an intuitive outlook and that’s what they’d get using Floola. It runs efficiently and helps the synchronization process smoother. Also, the neat UI looks amazing and it offers vivid colors to make it look more approachable. There’re minor flaws but the interface is pretty great with detailed options.

  • Multimedia Syncing

This is all that program is capable of. It can synchronize way better and more effectively compared to iTunes. It helps the users to sync music, notes, videos, photo-streams, recorded audios and lots of other multimedia options. It also supports catching podcasts and playlists saved on the device itself and playing it later on. Additionally, it doesn’t require any jail-breaking process to locate the users absolute location of the songs.

  • Google Calendar Synchronization

Along with its many other synchronization parts, this program also supports Google Calendar synchronization so that the built-in Calendar app of iOS device can exchange data through the Google Calendar server within the users accounts.


This program is based on being the lightweight alternative of iTunes and it did a pretty good job of doing so. However, it still under its development procedure and it means that users can expect better features and options can become available later on. Although, Floola is said to be working with other devices but it can’t handle them well.


Floola is a great program for greater synchronization process in a lightweight platform without considering about too much hassle and it works like a perfect iTunes alternative. However, this program can work portably and works best with Apple devices.


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