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Normal documents and PDFs look good in computers but when it comes to the mobile devices people have to zoom in and zoom out to read the content which makes it uncomfortable for the users at some point of time. FlippingBook Publisher creates an interactive document that comforts the user when read on any type of device.


FlippingBook Publisher allows the users to create flash books, professional interactive documents, and photo books with 3D flipping/turning effects from the existing e-Books or documents. The type of documents that can be imported and worked in this program are PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, XLS, bitmaps and much more formats. This program supports many different languages and works as per the system language of the user.

Interface of this program is very intuitive to create high-quality realistic flipping pages. Items such as interactive buttons, color, sounds, gradients, blur and much more can be added to the imported documents. The flash book can be customized with the available skins to provide a premium look to the content. It is a lightweight program and has a fast content delivery system to deliver the contents at highest possible speed.

Rich media contents can be added to the documents to impress the user. Videos can be placed anywhere inside the documents. YouTube and Vimeo videos are also supported. Flipping page sounds and other background sounds can also be added. Links can be added to any text inside the document and all the pages in the publication are provided with specific URLs to cross-link them.

Users can also integrate e-commerce features inside the documents thus making the readers stay with their digital content. Shopping carts can be embedded within the pages and it can be linked to the e-commerce web store. Other interactive elements such as PayPal integrations and pop-up windows that appear when hovered over a text, image or video can also be embedded in the documents. This program provides various distribution options such as embedding the flash documents in the website, publishing the digital content as an app in Google Play Store which can then be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This application allows the users to create a Mac or Windows supported executable files, which can be transferred to a CD or DVD or a flash drive thus making it portable.

In addition to these features, this program provides various layers of robust security features to encrypt the documents with passwords and limiting the document usage. Apart from digital publishing, the user can also print and save the documents. The final digital content can also be uploaded to the website and its usage can be tracked with Google Analytics.


Some alternatives of FlippingBook Publisher are FlipSnack, FlipHTML5, PublishPaper and more. All these software does the same work, but the way they work are totally different. PublishPaper comes with more features than FlippingBook Publisher application. It can create welcome pages, the publications can be hosted with full security and much more. FlipSnack works on only PDF and JPG files. It can also be used to create new SEO friendly interactive documents. FlipHTML5 can be used to create only interactive HTML5 documents that can be used on the websites.


Comforting the user with the user experience is the greatest success of every product. FlippingBook Publisher works economically, thus reduces the printing which saves the paper usage. The publications created using this application can be read on any supported devices.


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