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Flash Capture is a highly efficient application to allow users to download and save flash files and video files instantaneously while watching the videos online from websites such as YouTube and other websites that have flash files on them.


Flash Capture enables users to download SWF and FLV files right from the website while surfing them on the Internet explorer. It allows to them to easily save a copy of the files on the computer in case these files get removed from the host website. Users can download Video and Flash files and view them offline without having to visit the website every time. The application is an add-on tool for Internet Explorer and that allows viewing and saving the Flash and Video files right off the internet.

Flash Capture incorporates a basic Flash Player that plays the captured videos from various sites such as YouTube, Google Videos, My Space, etc. The application allows saving the files with a single click without the requirement for searching these files in the Temporary Internet Files.

Users can save the videos right from the browser while surfing, with a simple right click without having to leave the webpage. The application also has the option of a floating button which can be used to download the files from the internet. Whenever a user visits a webpage that has a flash video on it; the floating button pops up and allows the user to download the file. This option can be turned on or off by the users.

The application is easy to install and has a simple interface that allows even new users to use the software efficiently. The download process is simple and fast, depending upon the internet speed. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The software also has an in-built video converter that converts the files into other file formats that are compatible with several other devices.


Flash and Video Download is an application similar to Flash Capture. The application downloads Flash files and Videos from the internet. Files that are hosted on the websites such as YouTube or other Facebook or other similar websites can be downloaded using this application. Users can also download Flash based games from the Internet and play them later.


Flash Capture is a high utility and simple to use application that enables downloading Flash files and videos from the Internet in a simple and quick manner. The application is an add-on for the Internet Explorer and therefore is light weight and does not require high amount of system resources. Users can download files from the Internet and view them later. The floating button helps in easily downloading the files while browsing the websites. Users are not required to leave the webpage while downloading the files.


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