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Flash Renamer is a tool which could be used to rename a group of flash files in the computer in an automatic way. It’s very fast, easy to use and highly reliable. Lot of Audio and video files downloaded from the Internet are in flash format, and this tool helps in managing and renaming those files in a readable format.


This tool can be used to rename any types of flash files, which include docs, JPG, Audio, and video files. The general tab has settings for files, folders or sub folders to be renamed. One can browse the folders and select the type of file, which has to be renamed.

“Set casing tab” gives the option to select the case of the words or sentences to be renamed. There are 4 options to select which includes upper case, lower case, capitalize words and capitalize sentences

Batch of Audio files can be renamed based on the Artist title and track title. There is an option to customize the same by the user. One can also write tags with respect to the file name. Different Audio formats supported are mp3, mpc, spx, tta, WV, ogg Vorbis, wma, mp4, flac, and many more. This tool is most useful for the pictures uploaded to the computer. Most of the Images have camera generated naming system. This could be renamed as per the users wish, which can include the place, where the photo was taken, the date taken, etc. Thumbnails of the photos which have to be renamed can be viewed as well.

Add counters to file name tab helps in adding the counters to the file names. Counter set up has start value and step to set using drag and drop options. It can also help in changing the existing numbers. Additionally, Search and replace within the file name is the great option available in this tool, which saves lot of time. The user has to just enter the file name of the existing file and the file name, which has to be replaced with. Once this is given, it automatically changes the name of all the files.

There is also an option to automate this entire process of renaming using batch files and it also has a setting to store the filters set by the users for later use. Before making the changes, tool gives the preview of the changes in the window. This helps user to check the correctness of the files selected. It also has undo functionality as well. Also, clicking on the rename button will list the total number of files renamed and will rename the selected files automatically thus saving quite a lot of time.


Bulk rename utility, Ant renamer, advanced renamer, name changer are some of the tools which works in a similar manner like Flash renamer. Flash renamer stands unique because of its many options for the user to customize and it is well known for its easy user interface. The other main quality of Flash Renamer is it supports most of the Audio/video/image file formats, which is not done by many other tools.


Flash renamer is the very good tool if one is looking for renaming the flash files in a bulk. It completes the work quickly, and has an automation utility, which makes this tool unique compared to other tools.


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