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Flash Memory Toolkit as the name suggest is designed to test the performance output of the external components such as USB drives and memory based cards as well. It basically runs a series of test in order to find out the stability and space analysis of these drives. It also provides detailed information for the benefit of the maintenance of the same.


With the introduction of Flash Memory Toolkit it is now easy to keep track down the various components of USB drives, memory and other expandable cards for maintenance sake. The software is designed for easy understanding and though may not be directly made for beginners. The interface is fairly simple and user friendly at the same time. All the functions are located on the left hand side of the UI. The software also allows the user to scan through the drive and provide detailed analysis of the same. It helps to measure the performance of the drives and also scans out any errors that may require a fix. If the user locates files that are not required, the application will help them to permanently delete them as well. Also, at the same time it helps the users to restore files or content, backing up and recovering data as well. The interface also displays details such as configuration of the drives, capacity, used and available space. This helps to accordingly use the drives for saving the contents.

Additionally, the two benchmarks are installed for better functionality which are file and low level. And the devices are generally put into testing using these benchmarks. The user can therefore find out the average maximum and minimum speeds for writing and reading of the drive and the same is represented in a graphical representation of the same.

The files are saved down in FMT format and are not protected at all. So any user can override the files using their own content. However, it ensures quick and easy backup and enhances the quality of the drives as well. The Flash Memory Toolkit allows key performance measurement in order to use the drives for better longevity. It provides multi language support including Dutch, German and English.


In the view of similar concept USBDeview and Check Flash are software’s which aim for the same providing better utilization standards for USB sticks. However, Flash Memory Toolkit has an edge over them because of its easy use and faster analysis outlook.


With Flash Memory Toolkit, the users can perform safe task, such as erasing and wiping of the data and can manage various USB drives efficiently. It enables for a better performance measurement and is fast and flexible to use at the same time. It is useful software which is designed to function with its impressive features and is more user and utility oriented as well.


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