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Both Windows and Mac have integrated image viewing programs but they don’t offer distinct tools that are necessary for any kind of user. Firegraphic has become one of the most lightweight programs and this program has got a lot of features underneath its skin. It’s designed for viewing your images more precisely and organizes them as well.



It’s hard to imagine that a lightweight program can bring such incredible features. It’s a powerful image organizing and management software with feature-enriched contents.

  • Supports Wide Range of Image Formats – Firegraphic supports a lot of different formats of images like RAS, RAW, PSD, and TIFF, etc. It can view a lot of distinct files effectively. You can also use many of its features to zoom to a certain point. Also you can batch process multiple image files for renaming or converting.
  • Impressive Editing Tools – This software is offering light editing tools for the beginners. Any advanced user will find these basic editing tools pretty useful. It can accommodate all of your files quickly and then you can export them with ease. This program also supports burning to CD or DVD for later use of the image files. You can adjust color using the color balance tool. Also you can adjust contrast level or keep the brightness in check. Rotating multiple images is a very easy task on Firegraphic since it offers batch processing.
  • Clutter Free Layout – Once you open Firegraphic, you can intuitively figure out the ways to run this program efficiently. Since it also works like a photo organizer, it keeps all of your pictures under one umbrella. It doesn’t carry any useless feature and the program is clutter-free as well.
  • Lightweight Program – A lot of features are blended with this lightweight program. It only takes 10mb in your hard drive space. While importing huge amount of files, it doesn’t lag or hang. It processes the operations pretty quickly since it doesn’t offer too many editing features. With single click, you can email or print your desired edited images.


There’re a lot of alternatives to Firegraphic which offers better and efficient image handling but none of them can replicate the quick responsiveness of Firegraphic. Additionally, softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Picasa, RawTherapee, etc. have innumerable features but when it comes to picture importing and working with multiple files, they’re extremely slow. However, Firegraphic has one downside and it is its disability to edit pictures in Auto mode.


Considering the aspects of Firegraphic, it can surely perform side by side with the top dogs of photo viewing softwares with basic editing tools.


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