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FireFTP is a highly efficient add-on tool for Mozilla Firefox browser. The application works as a File Transmission Protocol client that is incorporated in Firefox. The program is installed as an extension to Firefox browser and functions as an integrated application.


FireFTP is a useful application for Mozilla Firefox browser and is installed as an extension. The application performs the functions of an FTP client, which is incorporated in to the browser. The tool offers passive transfers, standard FTP options and features and provides support for multiple accounts.

The program supports directory synchronization and incorporates all the features of a standard FTP client application. FireFTP has several advanced options such as syncing of directories, comparison of directories, search options, filtering options, remote editing, SSL encryption, SFTP, integrity parameters checks, file hashing and drag and drop options.

The program supports multiple logins and allows users to connect to multiple servers. This helps reduce the time needed for connecting to servers. It has a status bar that indicates the status of the transfer. The application is easy to install and as it is integrated into Firefox, and it is easy to operate. FireFTP supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


S3Fox Organizer is an application similar to FireFTP. The application opens in Firefox browser tab and has a display similar to that of a standard FTP client, which has dual pane layout. The application displays files stored on the computer in the left pane and the Amazon S3 on the right. The information and status bar is at the bottom of the application. It is the front-end application for Amazon S3 and has a nifty GUI interface. The application supports multiple users accounts and has drag and drop options.


FireFTP is a user friendly and efficient application that gets incorporated into Mozilla Firefox browser as an add-on and functions as a regular FTP client. It is an easy to use application that supports multiple user logins and ensures effortless transfer of files from the computer onto the Internet. The application has advanced options such as SFTP, SSL encryption, search options, integrity checks and file hashing. Users can easily upload and download files using the drag and drop option of the application. As the application is installed as an add-on to the browser, it is easy to use even by a new user. The program has features, which are similar to regular FTP clients.


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