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Fineprint is one such such app that is designed to optimize the printer’s efficiency to reduce usage of printer’s ink. It is an app that will give its users optimum printing quality along with reduced usage of ink.


Fineprint is a small utility application which provides its users a highly optimized performance of the printer, along with not compromising with the quality to be adhered. It can be considered to be a preview replacement of the printer’s drivers and applications, with some added functionalities which are not found in the dedicated software. Using Fineprint is very simple as once installed will integrate seamlessly with the printer’s drivers and applications. Accessing it is very simple too. Just hit the print button and a whole new interface will be presented to you, containing a hierarchy of options and menus. Firstly it has a printing preview screen that will show you the document and the pages that can be customized through it. It is here that the option to add or delete blank pagers can be found. Also, this screen keeps you updated of what modifications have been applied to the document with respect to the original document. It has an option to print coloured documents in greyscale, making printer efficient.

Using this application, user can also modify the documents on the go using the same interface. This can be advantageous in cases when some text or any other important data is found missing in the document. Another way of being efficient is that using this application, user can print on both sides of paper, thus saving some papers. Another feature is that the documents can be saved in multiple formats as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, text and FP.


Fineprint is an application using which users can optimize printer’s preferences to save ink and increase efficiency of the printer. There are no other apps which are specifically designed with the same purpose of saving printer’s ink, thus Fineprint is one of a kind app. However, it can be compared to the apps which come packed bundled with the printer. When compared, Fineprint leads those applications, as using this application users can modify the documents in the printing preview screen only. However, other features are found to be more or less same.


Fineprint is one of a kind app that allows its users to optimize the performance of the printer. There are many features of this app that sounds appealing to the user, in spite this app has very less utility as all the essentials applications comes free with the printer. Fineprint is available in two version in free version a small banner will be included at the bottom in every print; paid version removes all such banners. Also, it is not of much use as every printer will have its own sort of drivers and dedicated applications too that will control the printer during the printing of a document.


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