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They say art should not decay now that we live on a digital era, instead it must conquer that boundary thus redefining itself. And that makes no exception regarding music. Finale SongWriter is the tool that enables musicians turn their master pieces into reality using the the power and efficiency of today average computing systems. This software is essential for any musician wishing to write scores in a fast, friendly and accurate way.


Designed to be used by a wide array of users from amateur to professional, Finale SongWriter lets you lay notes intuitively just by clicking on the screen or using your preferred MIDI device to do it automatically while playing in real time. It provides a friendly user interface with every tool and notation symbols you would need to write any score down. You can also review your work anytime by playing and listening the actual notes at the chosen tempo and time signature or arrange additional tracks corresponding to different instruments to compose more complex arrangements. Once you’re finished you will be able to print each sheet or share the work you’ve done using social networks.


The main reason to get your hands on this software is the price. Compared to similar products on the market you will find a suitable bundle for less than fifty dollars. It is considerably easier to use and yet it is a complete package with everything you need to write and print scores.


Finale SongWriter is widely known among musicians of all levels for its robust yet friendly approach. You can rest assure you will make a good choice for the price you pay. You could actually check that for yourself if you download the free trial version directly from the website.


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