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FileLocator pro does a quick folder and file search in the hard disk of a computer. It also gives the preview of the files searched so that user does not have to open each and every file or folder to know what it contains. It offers lots of advanced search options, which are customizable by the end user. It also offers support in multiple languages for the user.


FileLocator Pro is very easy and trouble free to install. Once installed, users can see the friendly user interface which is very simple to use. There is an option to select the expert level or basic level layout in the UI. The major feature, which is notable in this tool is it supports different tabs that enable the user to do multiple searches using various filters.

The main menu has the option to search using file name, containing text option, and also it enables the user to search in the drive preferred. The tool allows to search with respect to the size of the file, date ranges the file was last created, accesses or modified. The user has to just click on the start button to get the results. There is a pause button as well if the user wants to stop the search in the middle. If paused, the tool gives the output of total number of files searched and the file numbers, which matches the search. It also gives the amount of time the tool has been paused in seconds. The final output has the name of the files, location of the respective files, size, type of the file and its last modified date.

A search could be done in either Boolean expression match mode, search mode or in the enhanced search mode ways. The Boolean expression mode does the search line by line or searches the whole file. The enhanced search mode does a very detailed search, gives the option for the user to customize the settings and also manages the file extensions with different types. This tool also takes into account different file attributes search like index, folder, archive, sparse, etc. One can use this tool for searching using scripts, which could be Jscripts or VBscripts. This tool can be embedded with the explorer menu, which gives the option of clearing the search history, favorite list creation, use of external editor, obtaining error reports, results export to clipboard and saving the search filters for future use.


Everything, Copernic Desktop Search Lite, etc., are some of the tools, which work like FileLocator Pro. This tool is unique because of its advanced search options and ability to search the compressed files like zip files. This tool has a very good response time and works very fast.


FileLocator Pro gives a lot of options for searching, which could be used by advanced users for searching and making changes in the files or folders. This is a very useful tool because of its reliability and fast output retrieval. This application is very much recommended for people, who need quick results.


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