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The information stored in our PCs in the form of photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc. is extremely important and their loss could mean great trouble. Backup is the activity to save these in such a way that they can be easily recovered in case of failure. FBackup is backup software that helps a Windows user backup all important information.


FBackup features a simple ribbon based interface which has options to set the location to store backups, the sources to backup, how to perform the backup (with archiving or mirroring) and when to run the backup utility. Once the options are set, either pressing the backup button or scheduling it to start automatically would do the job. The destination specified can be USB/Firewire connected storage devices of network mapped drives and the backup format can be either ZIP files or mirror sources without any compression. All backup operations support action augmentation whereby the user can configure actions to run before and after performing the backup such as deleting existing backup.

FBackup supports backing up to multiple sources of media for added convenience. Backup Plugins is a way to increase the functionality with plugins that can backup data such as application specific saved files or caches and they can also list the additional sources to backup. FBackup has support for Windows Volume Shadow service and thus will be able to backup files which are currently open or worked upon without any hindrance. File compression is also augmented with File encryption via the Zip2 format with passwords for security. Online backup services are also supported by FBackup along with backup testing for integrity. Filters are a way to exclude particular file types such as temporary data or executable file based on formats and supports wildcards. The software has the capability to check for updates automatically on a weekly basis on available Internet connection. The software is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 along with Server editions 2003 and 2008. Language support is extensive with all common languages used all over the world being supported.


On Windows platform, Duplicati is an open-source cross-platform client which features similar functionality with encrypted backup to another computer or cloud storage services over several methods. Cobian Backup is a multithreaded backup software in line with Fbackup and offers identical feature set. Areca Backup is yet another open-source software for compressed and encrypted backup along with support for FTP services. Some other software offering similar feature set are Create Synchronity, Uranium Backup, Comodo Backup, Backup Maker and AuslogicsBitReplica.


Fbackup is a comprehensive backup utility that supports both mirroring and encrypted compressed backups with scheduling options for power users. Added features such as Filters and plugin support extending the functionality and support for online services are an added bonus making it high on the recommendation list.


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