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One of the most annoying thing user faces most of the time is the changes in settings of their browser at the time of switching between computers. One stop solution for this problem is FavBackup, an application that helps user in protecting all their settings so that users don’t have to set up all those preferences again and again. This application has the capability of backing up user’s data quickly and effectively. So, if you’re still searching for a best, helpful and easy application for saving your browser settings FavBackup will be a worthy choice.


Saving all your necessary preferences on your web browser literally turns out to be handy task and for that, there is an application that makes this task easy. FavBackup is truly simple to utilize application that helps user in making all of their browser settings safe. One of its most helpful feature is that user can use this application without installing it on their device. When it comes to features then this application has some useful features for users like full backup or a customized backup. The distinction in the middle of full and customized is that the first backs totally everything up, while the customized backup gives you the chance to choose which correct components you need to spare like bookmarks, cookies, saved passwords, searching history, and so on. Restoring these files is also as simple as backing it up. In order to do the backup, the application will provide the users with few options to choose from, depending on the things they want to backup and the dedicated location where they want to take backup onto. It also supports all web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. FavBackup comes in an easy and user friendly Microsoft’s interface that helps user to operate it without any fatigue. Another important feature of this application includes its fast and efficient processing as it is a light weighted application and uses minimal system resources for execution.


Some other applications that also have the same working phenomenon as that of FavBackup are Free Any Data Recovery, ODIN and Opera Backup 2012. Though these applications are also available but the way FavBackup operates and the features come with it make it a worthy application for all users. So in comparison with others of its kind this application proves a better and reliable option. Some of its useful features are installation free use and less system resources during functioning.


FavBackup is a useful application for users as it has some extraordinary features that make it valuable for all users who want their browser settings and preference always with them no matter which computer they are using. It supports all web browsers and a pretty easy to use mechanism. Another trust worthy feature is its user choice backing up mode i.e. full and customized.


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