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Viewing any image which is present in the hard disk of the computer necessitates obeying 2 simple steps: Right click on the image file and then click ‘Open’ from the list of options, or else ‘Double clicking’ on the image file to view it. The process is a bit time consuming, especially in the time of urgencies. However, this problem can be eradicated by installing certain software named ‘FastPreview’ in your PC. FastPreview is a software application that facilitates the user to display the image file by right-clicking the thumbnail of the image file. A miniature scaled version gets directly display in the context menu making an easy accessible view of the image.


FastPreview paves an easy access path for viewing any image file by just clicking on the thumbnail of it, and getting a minuscule display in the context menu. While, it might occur to few that this software might get obsolete from daily use pertaining to its restrictions for viewing image files only. However, this software is a powerhouse of features. Unlike other software applications of this type, there are no restrictions in opening the images thumbnails as it supports more than 30 image formats. In addition, the photos get readjusted according to the screen size while they’re opened with the application.

This software is advantageous as it provides security to the image files, which are available under the the ‘security’ tab, where all the security details are available. The attributes are available under the ‘General Tab’ where the filename, formation date, alteration date, directory location in the disk space are available. In addition, the image resolution can be reframed with the application of this software. This software has amalgamation with the File Properties page, XMP information and media information, which procures all the necessary information associated with the image thumbnail.


There are many facsimile software applications available in the Internet like ‘IrfanView’ or “FastStone Image Viewer”, but FastPreview outruns all of them in terms of its flexibility for usage. FastPreview is the ‘hassle free’ software developed till now, and with its simple installation technique, every necessary file gets installed to run the software. This enables the user to view the thumbnail in form minuscule image. While software like IrfanView proved to be disadvantageous as it requires downloading of additional plug-ins in order to perform operation like rotation. So, in the long term, this software proved to be useful than many other available software.


FastPreview can be considered as one of the lightweight software developed for displaying a minuscule version of the thumbnail image. It doesn’t require any external plug-ins and it’s very compact software which provides all the essential features for image viewing.


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