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F-Secure Client Security is a type of security software that was designed to provide security for desktops and laptops. When it comes to the securing of files stored in the computer it is the obligation of the user to find all ways possible to protect these files and effective security software will be able to do this with ease. F-Secure Client Security will be able to provide user with the quality security services that he or she might require.


This software entails two main highly useful features namely DeepGuard and BlackLight. DeepGuard is a feature that will always monitor the system for any malicious applications or files even if it is not included in the database. Blacklight searches the computer for any hidden problems like rootkits those that may not be on the surface. It is able to delete or quarantine any of the threats it detects from the computer. It offers real time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and any other malware. It has an email and web scanning feature to ensure full time protection and anti spam protection. It has a firewall with intrusion prevention that is able to block hackers. It is able to stop spyware and adware using the real time feature. It has an automatic update to keep its virus database updated at all times. It has an application control that can block applications from gaining access to the internet. It also has a virus news feature which delivers information about the latest virus threats all over the world. It is also able to assure the security level; of various desktops and laptops in the connection before giving any access to them. Finally it has a fast installation and a user friendly interface.


Having the DeepGuard and BackLight feature is the main difference between F-Secure Client Security and other similar software. Its ability to ensure that other computers connected to it are also safe before the exchange of data is also a rare feature.


F-Secure Client Security has proved to provide quality protection to the computer against malware and other related threats.


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