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F.lux is a utility for managing the colours of the computer screen to makes these colours match the intensity of the light at a particular time of the day. The adjustments to the colours of the computer screen are made on the basis of the geographical location of the users.


F.lux is a computer monitor colour optimisation application which makes certain adjustments to the colours of the monitor according to the time of the day according to the geographical location of the user of the computer. The software makes calculations for identifying the right colour combination for the monitor according to the time and the location.

The application adjusts the colour brightness and the colour temperature of the screen according to the changes in the time. The program makes the adjustments to the colours to make the computer screen colour warm at night and compatible with daylight during the day.

If the colour adjustments are not according to the requirements of the users, they can adjust the settings from the settings dialogue box. The application can be disabled by the users according to their requirements. Hence, if a user wants to use designing applications or any other graphical programs from the computer, the application can be temporarily disabled. The software is useful as it makes automatic changes to the colours of the screen according to the time and specific locations of the users. This optimises the colours of the computer monitor and therefore it reduces the strain on the eyes. The application is easy to install and simple to use. Once installed, it performs the functions automatically and does not require manual adjustments. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Redshift is an application similar to F.lux. Redshift adjusts the colour balance of the computer screen according to the surroundings of the users. This results in a computer monitor colour scheme, which is more soothing to the eyes. The application changes the colour scheme according to the positioning of the sun. During dawn and dusk, the transitions of the colours from the daytime to the nighttime or the opposite takes place in a smooth manner, thereby allowing users to get adjusted to the changing light.


F.lux is a useful application as it helps reduce the strain on the eyes by automatically adjusting the colours on a computer screen. The program makes the changes based on the changes in the time and according to the geographical location of the users. During the twilight period, the application smoothly makes transition from one colour scheme to another one. In cases where users need to make adjustments to the colour schemes of the application, it can be done easily. Users can also turn off the application if the work on the computer requires an even colour balance irrespective of the time of the day.


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