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eXtended Task Manager is a highly useful and efficient systems utility that allows users to extend the functionalities of their task managers. The application allows users to monitor processes of the system in detail and also monitor functions that are otherwise not displayed by the Windows Task Manager.


eXtended Task Manager is a useful system resources tool that makes it possible for users to monitor their system resources and tasks in more details and manage them efficiently. The application, also known as XTM is intended for software professionals and advance users who would like to monitor their system resources in detail and manage them effectively.

There are several advanced processes that the application allows to be monitored. These include COM+ components, environment variables, threads, memory usages, handles, registry keys of modules and several other functions. It also allows tracing and resource management of processes.

The program further displays information pertaining to the usage of the network port and other disk activities. It has a chart displaying Disk Input and Output that shows information as to which application is using maximum system resources. The system for monitoring of the port activities shows information about the other computers connected on the network as well as their IP addresses.

There is also one more useful features that displays the application or a process locking a particular file. If a user wants to move or delete a specific file and is unable to do so because the file is locked, the application will show the application and the process locking it. Users can then either kill or stop the specific process or application.

The program allows listing of processes on the basis of specifically defined criteria or list them according to the processes. The application has an easy installation process. It does not require much of system resources and has a simple and intuitive interface. It is very easy to operate and the processes can be easily monitored. The program supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Process Explorer is an application similar to eXtended Task Manager. The application allows easy monitoring of the system tasks and users can easily manage their system functions. The program has several features that are not a part of the native Windows Task Manager. The program allows identifying the processes that lock files preventing modification, deletion or movement of files. The interface is very simple and the processes are listed in a tree format.


eXtended Task Manager is a highly useful system tool for monitoring system resources in an easy and efficient manner. The program supports several utility functions several of which are not part of standard Windows Task Manager. It allows monitoring and management of several processes as well as identifying and unlocking of locked files.


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