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Maintaining and keeping orders and invoices for a particular business is more tedious. Express Invoice is a comprehensive invoice software which simplifies the task. This application is available for the major desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X.


Express Invoice is a cross-platform invoice software which is easy to use with more power packed features. This application is specifically developed for business owners. With this application, a user can create and maintain the customer list, items list, manage the invoices of the orders made, create new quotes, send the invoices to the customer by fax or email, generate the sales or cash payment reports and do a lot more.

New invoices can be created easily for both billing and shipping by entering the customer information (such as name of the customer, billing address, tax number and customer number), purchase information, invoice number and any extra comments. Invoices can be created for cash on delivery orders too. The invoices can be saved as PDF files for easy sharing. The reporting functionality lets the user to create 13 different reports such as unpaid accounts, invoices, quotes, orders, payments, salesperson, item sales, items per customer, inventory, customers, customer sales, aging reports, and sales tax report.

The exciting functionality of this application is web access. This feature allows any user within the organization to login securely and use the application over a particular company network or even the Internet. This software’s web interface can also be accessed through smartphones such as Android device or an iPhone. The rate of sales and the rate of customers can be tracked. By tracking the customers and the sales, the business growth rate can be manually estimated and decisions can be made to improve the business. The recurring invoices and orders can also be easily accessed. Moreover, all the data such as invoices, customer information, different types of reports, sales information and payment information can be backed up safely on a network folder, CD/DVD drive, and also a removable flash drive or a hard drive. The data can also be restored on any computer with Express Invoice installed. The logo of the particular business can also be added in the settings along with contact details, registered business number and the address of the company.


Some alternatives of Express Invoice are Debitoor Invoicing and Accounting software, Wave Invoicing software. Wave Invoicing Software has plenty of features such as reminders, matching the text with the colors in the logo, and different interface templates, etc. But, both Debitoor and Wave are limited by sales, reports, customer management and other functionalities. Express Invoice is less memory consuming software with an intuitive interface and power packed features.


If you are looking for a software that could reduce the business complexity and save the time in creating and managing the sales, customers, tax, invoices and reports, Express Invoice must be your best choice.


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