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Evolution is an email client software providing a revolutionary solution for Linux users. In particular, Linux clients are supposed to receive emails right on their desktops. Almost all Gnome-based distributions use Evolution as their preferred email client. Lately, it has been made available for Windows. As for starters, the Evolution application is as easy to set up like any other related software.


When it comes to its feel and look, Evolution is very similar to Outlook. In addition, it possesses some awesome email features. Taking the ‘Virtual Folders’ idea as an example, the Evolution email client automatically puts  together all corresponding mail, creating a distinctly unique way of organizing loads of emails. Other features include S/MIME support, Integration of PGP/GnuPG, superior HTML support, easy connection to Microsoft Exchange Servers and utilization of the SpamAssassin, an effective spam filtering tool. The Evolution application works hand in hand with Bayesian (part of SpamAssassin), enabling it to easily train the spam filter with the occasional errors it has encountered. Evolution also protects against hidden messages contained in mails that can compromise user’s security basically by creating a firewall against remote content. Evolution email client application integrates a configuration wizard that immediately loads once the application set up is complete.


Evolution has improved over time, but it has been criticized earlier on for being slow and cumbersome. Lately, with its fair backing for Exchange servers, none of its other peers can compare. However, regardless of its good customizable properties, Thunderbird scores high on this. Thunderbird scores exceptionally high on customization since it allows users to pick different settings for every email account configured. This is in contrast to Evolution’s mail settings that apply across all the accounts. Regardless, Evolution’s innovative desktop mail alerts, presents a good argument and preference as a desktop email application of choice.Similar to outlook, Evolution email client features an easy to use interface, calendar support, task lists and notes or memos deprived of the necessity for extensions.While Evolution gets a clean bill of health with its easy to use interface, other robust email clients available can not do so much.

Evolution really performs quite badly in relation to how it relates with the operating system. A test done with aWindows 7 os, showed promising signs at the first instance after which it crashed every so often. Eventually, Evolution was unresponsive demanding the process to be killed via the ‘task manager’.


Once you get over the annoying errors and frequent crashes, you can relish the powerful email management properties, unique calendar features and appealing interface. Ideally meant to be a replacement email client for outlook, Evolution is full of good features, powerful, highly flexible and conclusively a fairly good email client providing exceptionally secure messaging. Evolution email client is worth a try.


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