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EvilLyrics is the Best lyrics searching and downloading tool in the market. The software supports almost 15 million song lyrics in its record and is the best among all such software. Along with lyrics searching and downloading, the software supports the downloading of cover art and also the tag names.


More than 15 million songs lyrics are the in the storage of the software. The lyrics can be easily searched online or offline and the software supports the search based on the genre, file name and also by artist name. The additional supports by the software include downloading the posters or the cover arts or even the guitar chords. Most importantly, the software is free of ads, adware and spyware and also the software is absolutely free to be downloaded and to be used. The store of the software is so large and is having so many varieties of the lyrics, cover arts, posters and guitar chords that one may need to go the online version of the software rarely. Most of the download and the searches can be done offline based on the store capacity only. The New version of the software is even have the creating and distributing facility of stamps also.

Other than the searching of the song lyrics, the posters, guitar chords and also the cover arts can be searched in the net and can be downloaded also by the software. The software can be operated in the offline mode also. The stock of the software for offline use is so vast that one can get almost all the required arts, chords, posters or even the lyrics in the offline mode only.

The size of the EvilLyrics is only 800kb and thus is a small installation application. Thus the software is a light weight one and the software even puts minute load on the CPU usage. The software is compatible with all windows version and that is a big facility of the software. The Software is an advertisement free version.


This has been the first software which is having such a collection in the storage that the user may download the cover arts, lyrics, chords of guitar and posters in the offline mode. This is again the first software by which all the designing purpose like getting the posters or the cover arts and even the lyrics from single software. Not all the software of this kind is free and if they are free they are at least not free of spyware like this one.


The EvilLyrics is a freeware and also is free of adware and spyware, yet is very much effective to be downloaded and installed for usage of any purpose.


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