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Everything is a search engine for Windows. Everything works faster than the regular Windows search. It searches the entire computer by filename and it does so within in a few seconds. It can been integrated with the windows portable menu app. Hence it is a very useful tool for windows users.


Everything application can used to monitor file system changes. The normal way of searching is to just write the words that you are looking for, and the application will reflect changes made to the file system. It uses file and folder names and in a matter of few seconds the entire database is built. The completion time it takes is 1 minute for 1,000000 files. The best part is it uses very low system resources. This software tool monitors any changes made to the file system. When a search has to be made with 2 search terms, users just need to add “|” between the terms. For example, to search for .jpg and.GIF just type terms a.JPG |.GIF in the search box.

When a * is inserted in the search, it will match any number of characters. When a “?” is used in the search, it will match one character. In order to search folders in a specific location, including a “\” in the search string searches the particular file or folder. An alternate way of doing this could be to enable the feature called as Match path. This is available in the search menu and the location can be included in the search string.

Everything also gives the user options to search based on wildcards, macros, modifiers and functions. The search can be done based on matching case, matching whole words, match diacritics and regular expressions. There is a set of predefined filters that could be used. At any point of time only one filter can be active. Once the search is done, the current search can be saved with the help of Bookmark feature, which even save sort or index. Custom defined macro feature is also available in this application. Regular expression search takes precedence over the regular search. This can be enabled from the search menu or the search string can be prefixed with the word regex.


There are various other tools used as search for windows such as Ultra Search, NTFS Search and Swift Search. But Everything is known for its versatility and ease of use. It runs very fast and searches within a matter of seconds. Also, the tool can be installed by following few simple steps and is compatible with all latest windows versions.


Everything tools scan the system by folder indexing. Hence the search operation can be performed very quickly. The search can also be performed on files over a network by mapping the directories that are to be searched. This tool is installed by default in the windows vista and later versions.


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